Israeli born Orly Solomon immigrated to France with her family at the age of one.

A natural born performer, by the time she was 7 her career as a child star was launched with the hit single ‘PETIT MEC’.  The French media recognized her prodigal vocal and acting talents and dubbed her the ‘Shirley Temple of France’. 


Soon she was hosting her own live TV show ‘SALUT LES  PETITS LOUPS’ on TF1 (France’s first channel) for 3 hours every Wednesday for 2 years.


The GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS recognized Orly Solomon as the world’s youngest television host at the tender age of 8. Her 7 single hit songs and her album were sung by the entire youth generation of her era, leading to tours throughout Europe and Japan.

In 1993 Orly created her own company SUCCES ANIMATIONS producing events and team building for large corporations such as Disneyland Paris, BNP Paribas, L’Oreal, Schweppes Orangina and Optic 2000. During the ten years that she ran the company she still found time to produce and perform in plays, touring France and Europe (LA NUIT LA PLUS LONGUE, UNE FILLE CA VA, TROIS FILLES… BONJOUR LES DEGATS).


In 2003 Orly was chosen by the largest European musical franchise, Stage Entertainment, to play Shenzi in ‘THE LION KING’. For 3 years she sang, danced and acted in the ‘Teater Am Hafen’ in Hamburg, Germany. She went on to become the artistic director of a production of “MANY NATIONS, ONE SONG’ in 2005, a large charity event to raise money for the children of Africa.


Following yet another of her dreams she journeyed to Cuba, where she immediately fell in love with the people, culture and music of the island. Eventually she settled in Havana and for 6 years she became a singing star, appearing on Television, Radio and concerts with Cuban stars such as Manolito Simonet, Maykel Blanco, Elito Reve, Alexander Abreu, Kelvis Ochoa, Descemer Bueno and an unforgettable performance with Omara Portuondo from the BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB.


She also became the spokesperson for the Islands Jewish community on Cuban television and radio, eliciting an emotional recognition from the members of the synagogue as ‘The First Israeli Singer who presented the Jewish music on Cuban TV’.


Her CD and Concert Shows ‘TEL AVIV - HABANA’ is the creative culmination of her bridging the two worlds of Cuba and Israel through the mix of Latin rhythms and traditional Israeli songs.  It was well received critically and viewed by visitors and Cubans alike, also Incentives of Israeli companies like BOSCH, CELLCOM, L’OREAL, and MITSUBISHI.


Her fame spread throughout Cuba and she found herself hosting The International Cuban Cigar Festival and producing/performing at many large events at various embassies (France, China, Canada, Mongolia, Peru…).


In 2015 Orly Solomon decided to return to Israel to reconnect with her roots and to share her passion for the rich musical legacy and the amazing Cuban culture in her homeland. She is currently offering to bring the joy of life and the magic of Cuba to your private or company events.

© 2015 Orly Solomon