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Go on a trip to Cuba without even flying



Discovery – Expression – Challenge - Energy


  • Discover Cuba and the contagious joy of life of its people
  • Express yourself while singing the most famous songs of the Buena Vista Social Club
  • Dare the challenging streets of Havana and learn to interact the Cuban way
  • Energize your body and mind thanks to the rhythm of Cuban dances


Because life is a carnival ... (La vida es un Carnaval)

Smile to life and life will smile back at you, you only live once, if you do not love yourself, who will love you? So many phrases and manners that you can hear and see in Cuba despite the precarious situation of the country and its people

This workshop will have you discover a fascinating culture and you will be inspired by the exciting story of Orly Solomon, singer, TV/Radio host and actress who decided to let go of everything and live the Cuban adventure in order to share this unique feeling of being happy while always smiling keeping in mind life’s fundamentals. Her transformation lasted 6 years... 6 years of never ending discovery!

Guided by Orly and her musicians, you will sing along to the best known songs of the Buena Vista Social Club amongst others, you will learn the most useful and fun words of the Spanish used in Cuba, you will try your hands and feet at Salsa ,Chachacha ,Mambo, and  Rumba, you will be transported to the magical streets of Havana and the captivating and warm atmosphere that makes people really look at each other, communicate, enjoy and share their emotions.

Surprise your employees or guests, giving them the chance to go on a trip to Cuba without even flying. A unique experience that will bring everyone closer while enhancing their self-esteem. A true return to the essence.


Number of participants: 12 people required
Duration of Activity: from 2 to 6 hours
Required space: 2 square meters per participant



Cuban percussion workshop

Souvenir  Video of  the full activity

One hour Salsa lesson with instructor

Tasting of Cuban dishes

Mojito Workshop

Fiesta Latina with DJ